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Program Details

Objectives :

  • Better understand the repertoire of Indonesian Service Culture.
  • Enhance self-awareness to using genuine service which comes from Heart
  • Helping participants to explore and build self-character of service.
  • Increase understanding of the service essence that must be ingrained in every activity.
  • Improve the ability to manage emotions and inner conversations to get the best quality feelings to serve customers.
  • Imrpove the ability to serve customers with sincerity.

Outline :

1. Indonesian Service Culture

  • a. Indonesian Characteristics.
  • b. Indonesian Service Style.
  • c. Benchmark to Border Countries.
  • d. A Shift to Western and Digital Culture

2. Servicing with Our Heart

  • a. Service with A Heart Inventory.
  • b. The Fastener Paradigm.
  • c. The Five Service Components.
  • d. The Innate Traits.
  • e. Manageing Emotions.

3. Character Building

  • a. Basic Foundation Characters for Service Representatives.
  • b. Expanding to the Superior Characters.
  • c. Leading Service with the Characters.

4. Job Functions and Job Essence

  • a. Job Functions versus Job Essence.
  • b. Five Distinctions from Sincerity Services Compare Ordinary Ones.
  • c. Getting from Ordinary to Extraordinary.

5. Emotional Intelligence

  • a. Emotional Intelligence for Sincerity Services.
  • b. How to Listen Actively.
  • c. Building Relationship with Trust.

6. Role Play

  • a. Managing Emotions.
  • b. Leading Service with the Characters.
  • c. Getting from Ordinary to Extraordinary.
  • d. Listening Actively.

Other Information

Target Participants: 

  • Agent.
  • Senior Agent.
  • Team Leader
  • Supervisor

Duration : 2 Days Program

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