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Program Details

Objectives :

  • Deepen understanding of the profound purpose of doing telephone service activities.
  • Increase the ability to manage personal resources to achieve the best service.
  • Deepen the skills to manage personal resources to produce meangingful written communication.
  • Understand the importance of upholding the principles of effective communication.
  • Increase the ability to carry out serving procedures in accordance with the spirit of the organization.
  • Improve the ability to serve customers over the telephone effectively.

Outline :

1. Our Roles and Responsibilities

  • a. Setting the Right Paradigm.
  • b. The Final Outcome of Telephony Service.
  • c. My Voice, Tone and Sentences reflects my Character.

2. Essential Self Management

  • a. How Does the Brain Works?.
  • b. My Service is coming from My Heart.
  • c. The Three Essential Components.
  • d. Self Talk Management.

3. Communication Style at Work

  • a. Style Identification.
  • b. The Four Style of Communication.
  • c. Communication Strategy.
  • d. Productive Communication.
  • e. Managing Conflict.

4. Telephony Communication Principles

  • a. People are Honest.
  • b. Highest Purpose.
  • c. Positive Process.
  • d. Win – win Outcome.
  • e. Commitment to Integrity.

5. Organizational Voice is Customer Service Representative’s Voice

  • a. Demonstrating Organizational Face through Voice.
  • b. Implementing Organization Procedure.
  • c. Building Relationship with Customer.

6. Role Play

  • a. Gesture & Body Language.
  • b. Words, Sentences, Tone and Volume.
  • c. Telephony Skills Application.

Other Information

Target Participants: 

  • Agent.
  • Senior Agent.
  • Team Leader

Duration : 2 Days Program

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