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Program Details

Objectives :

  • Increase Understanding of the preparations that must be made before the presentation set.
  • Enhance the Ability to craft a flow that is meaningful for the audience perceptive.
  • Improve the ability to write scripts as a presentation guide.
  • Increase the understanding that presenters must uphold the principles of presentation for effective results.
  • Increase the ability to design visual aids that can support the effectiveness of presentations.
  • Improve effective presentation skills by prioritizing skills and self awareness of the goals to be achieved.

Outline :

1. Preparation

  • a. The Objective.
  • b. The Subject.
  • c. The Audience.
  • d. The Place.
  • e. The Period.
  • f. The Method.
  • g. The Time.
  • h. The Information to Provide.

2. Presentation Flow

  • a. The Storyline.
  • b. Script Writing.
  • c. Figures and Facts.
  • d. The Power of Three and Five.

3. Presentation Principles

  • a. Ethos, Personal Credibility.
  • b. Pathos, the Empathic Side.
  • c. Logos, the Logic.

4. Working with Visual Aids

  • a. Power Point Design.
  • b. Whiteboarding.
  • c. Flip Chart.
  • d. Video.
  • e. Handouts.

5. Practice

  • a. Words and Sentences.
  • b. Tonality & Volume.
  • c. Body Language.

Other Information

Target Participants: 

  • Agent.
  • Senior Agent.
  • Team Leader
  • Supervisor
  • Manager

Duration : 2 Days Program

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