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Program Details

Objectives :

  • Understand self-readiness in carrying out leadership roles.
  • Increase understanding of the differences and leadership functions.
  • Increase the ability to identify the character of an effective leader.
  • Increase understanding of playing roles to increase teamwork and develop team members.
  • Increase the ability to be a Motivator as well as a Coach.
  • Enriches understanding of dynamic situations and responds.
  • Increase the ability to become an inspiring leader.

Outline :

1. The Meaning of Leadership

  • a. Readiness for Leadership Role.
  • b. Leadership as a Partnership & a Shared Role & Responsibilities.
  • c. Leadership as A Relationship.
  • d. Leadership versus Management.

2. Personal Attributes of Effective Leaders

  • a. General Personality Traits.
  • b. Leadership Motives.
  • c. Cognitive Factors.
  • d. Behaviours and Attitude of a Trustworthy Leader.

3. Improving Teamwork within the Group

  • a. The Leader’s Role in the Team-Based Organization.
  • b. Leaders Action That Foster Teamwork.
  • c. Team Development.

4. The Leaders a Motivator & Coach

  • a. Leadership & Employee Engagement.
  • b. Developing Coaching SKills.
  • c. Using Recognition Pride to Motivate Others.

5. How Leaders Respond to The Situation at Hand

  • a. Situational Influences on Effective Leadership Behaviour.
  • b. Matching the Leadership Style to The Situation.
  • c. Situational Leadership.

6. Communicating with Others and Resolving Conflict

  • a. Communication Networks for Leaders.
  • b. Inspirational & Powerful Communication.
  • c. Resolving Conlict & Negotiating.

Other Information

Target Participants: 

  • Manager.
  • Team Leader.
  • Supervisor.

Duration : 2 Days Program

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