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Contact Center Model for Success

The successful Contact Center is built on four pillars of ‘building blocks’, consisting of process, people, technology & facilities. They should be managed with the right strategy, referring to the strategic direction, run on the basis of organizational values and culture, to manage effective and efficient customer contact in order to generate customer satisfaction.

Contact Center Consultancy Versi 2



To get an overview / portrait of operational and strategic aspect of contact center & walk in center & provide recommendation program of development or improvement performance .


Assist client to set up and development contact center  & walk in center from white paper to operation with Inhouse or Full Outsourcing (BPO) business scheme, from drafting RFP/RFQ, proposing business case, develop blueprint to operational and expansion plan.


Assist customer to revamp or improve all aspect of contact center & walk in center includes performance management, workforce management, daily managing operational, transaction monitoring, people management & other specific development areas.


We provide a mentoring/coaching program to strengthen the ability of contact center personnel in improving knowledge, skills at once or in running the development or improvement of your contact center.

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