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Program Details

Objectives :

  • Know the role of the leader in the contact center and how to be able to carry out that role as leader effectively.
  • Know business environment in the contact center must be understood by the Contact Center Leader.
  • Know ‘what to’ and ‘how to measure’ contact center performance.
  • Provide knowledge and improve skills on how to manage daily contact center operations.

Outline :

1. Contact Center Business Environment

  • a. Contact Center Model for Success.
  • b. Organization Contact Center.
  • c. Business Scheme Contact Center Management.
  • d. Customer Expectation.
  • e. Unique Environment Contact Center.

2. KPI Contact Center

  • a. Speed Performance.
  • b. Quality Performance.
  • c. Efficiency Performance.
  • d. Cost Performance.
  • e. Outbound Call Performance.
  • f. Strategic Impact Performance.

3. Daily Managing Contact Center

  • a. Using Excel spread sheet to calculate staffing resources.
  • b. Installing Erlang C Add-in application.
  • c. Calculating Monthly Staff Required.
  • d. Calculating Daily Staff Required.
  • e. Calculating Interval Staff Required.

4. Staff Scheduling

  • a. Calculating Schedule Requirements.
  • b. Creating Schedule Pattern.
  • c. Schedule Implementation.
  • d. Scheduling Challenges.
  • e. Scheduling Considerations.
  • f. Schedule Optimization.

5. Real Time Management

  • a. Daily Performance Tracking.
  • b. Real Time Tracking.
  • c. Reaction Strategy.
  • d. Reforecast.
  • e. Managing Interval Activities.
  • e. Managing Schedule Adherence.

6. KPI Workforce Planner

  • a. Volume Forecast Accuracy.
  • b. Staffing Forecast Accuracy.
  • c. Schedule Forecast Accuracy.

Other Information

Target Participants: 

  • Team Leader
  • Supervisor

Duration : 2 Days Program

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